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~ About Us ~

​​​​​​​​​​​​About Us

​John and I formed Masterkarn kennels in 1984 (Dobermanns) and in 1989 introduced our first German Pinscher which became our dominate breed. We live in Qld with our children, several dogs and 2 cats.

John started obedience in 1975 with his German Shepherds he later became a trainer for DCSA in 1985 with his first Dobermann. He was Head Trainer for the DCSA in 1986. I trained my first obedience Dobermann 1979 then commenced training obedience classes in 1986 with the DCSA. Both of us became all breeds trainers in 1987.
​Dog Sport also became a part of our lives along with the show ring in 1984 with our first show Dobermann. John and I were heavily involved in the Working Aptitude testing in the early days with the DCSA. Our Dobermanns were highly successful in the Working dog field, security environment and with consistently major wins in the show ring, WAC and top place wins in obedience trials. 
​Masterkarn kennels amalgamated in 2008 combining John’s Belgian Shepherds and Anita’s German Pinschers (main interest) and Dobes (now minor) breed interests. Our experience give us the multi-skills to cope with more than one breed and focus on each as needs be.

​​​Our vision

Our vision is to breed the all rounded German Pinscher and Dobermanns that can be worked, shown and still a genuine family dog.​ Our breeding program is always carefully examined and planned before the mating is done and always with the intention for us to keep a puppy for us to show or train for working as part of our program to develop these breeds.

​Our focus is on QUALITY * TEMPERAMENT * TYPE * CONFORMATION * HEALTH & TRAINABILITY with every breeding we plan developing a great healthy, happy dog.
Our vision includes the long term promotion of this amazing and old breeds for the show ring and family dogs.​ We en-devour to breed quality dogs that can win in the show ring and as companion performance dogs as long term breeders.

​We have bred German Pinschers that have gained high obedience and agility training. Each of our dogs proved over and over again they were capable of performing in any or all of these fields and continues to be our vision and goals towards the future. 

We are the only breed founder of German Pinschers in Australia still breeding consistently. 

​​Campaigning our  Dogs​

​Quality is in that "LOOK" you see in a particular dog that exhibits breed type, that outstanding specimen that just grabs your attention AND meets the ideal of the breed standard.

If you like our breed type and feel comfortable with us, please do not hesitate to call us!  We "LOVE" to talk your ears off about our dogs!
Give us a call!!

 Masterkarn Kennels is producing quality German Pinschers by introducing the top blood lines in the world known for stable temperament, good health and type into our breeding program.

​​There are Masterkarn dogs behind the pedigrees of the most awarded GP's in the world dating back over 28 years of breed history- Dogs in the UK, Canada, USA, Europe, Australia and Asia.

Our dogs are not only exceptional typey show dogs with great wins at shows in group and show level, they are wonderful family and performance companions epitomizing the sound structure, temperament and health we stride for and are proud of achieving by not only Masterkarn kennels owned dogs but owners of Masterkarn dogs.

We are consistently on the show scene in Australia at dog shows around Ipswich, Qld and the outer suburbs.

 I am only too happy to recommend reputable breeders that we would ourselves purchase a quality pup from should anyone wish assistance- please contact us...after 6.30 pm 0409 493988. Email Come back and visit us again.

Please enjoy our pages.​​