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We do occasionally have an adult or older puppies available to approved homes. These dogs are retired from the show ring & looking for the perfect loving home for their retirement. Most often ex- show dogs and Champions they are  micro-chipped, crate trained, accustomed to traveling, used to leads & often know some basic obedience. We are very sad to see them leave, knowing they need individual attention to thrive, we are dedicated to keep our numbers limited so they have enough attention from us in our home.

​​We also have a Family care program that allows us to re-home dogs that are now not suited to, or are retired from the show ring, but we would like them to be with a family, while waiting to be bred or used at stud.

​If you are interested in adopting one of these very special dogs, we care about our dogs so you will have a detailed application form to return to us giving all we need to know about your family dynamics and how our dog might fit into your life. Please feel free to contact us.

Feel free to Contact us for adults or older puppies available!
German Pinscher Older dogs

Available now

​​~ Masterkarn German Pinschers~

​​This dog is vaccinated, wormed, pedigreed and micro-chipped. Type 1- VWD clear.​​

​All adoption dogs MUST be desexed before permanently leaving to their forever family homes.
For more info on any of these dogs contact us at masterkarn.knls@gmail.com

German Pinschers available 
Available now


​​~ Masterkarn German Pinschers~

Martini is a lovely 3 yr old female who would love to lounge around inside with you. She is retired from her nursery and show ring duties. She gets along with male dogs only, but prefers all the attention for herself. My ideal home for Martini is a person who works from home every day and is willing to have her beside you most of the time. ​If her prospective owners are on property with a back yard to keep her in when outside this would be perfect. Her personality is amazing and very affectionate.

Martini is affectionate and loyal to her owners. Time is necessary for her to adjust and no dogs at the fence is best.

​She would love to live inside and loves the rides in the car 24/7. :)

Contact us if you have any interest in Martini becoming part of your home and as a companion. ​​

This dog is vaccinated, wormed, pedigreed and micro-chipped. Type 1- VWD clear.​​