About our Imports... to date we have imported nine dogs or semen.

We have also exported several dogs. (unfortunately we lost the page and need to re-add it).
Import 2009 -German Pinscher
Am./UKC/Int. BIS Ch. Dabney's Sweet William, BN, RA, OA, OAJ, TT, TDI, CGC ( Imported Froz semen)
Import 2 008 -  German Pinscher
Aust. Ch. Melka Pumpkin Patch at Masterkarn (Imp NZ)
Import 2 007 - German Pinscher
Aust. Ch. Melka Atlas at Masterkarn (Imp NZ)
Import 2007 - German Pinscher
NZ. Aust. Ch. Kaitler Ace Vom Hause Zemp IID (Imp NZ)
Import 1997 - German Pinscher
Lankirk Seriously Sloshed (Imp UK)
Willie (semen) arrived at Masterkarn in 2009 from Anita and Alan Dengler and was bred by his co owners John and Linda Krukar of Dabney kennels in the US.
He is an exceptional dog in his conformation intelligence and Agility performance. The all round German Pinscher we are all looking for. We are very privileged to have this semen at our disposal.
He will compliment our projected breeding plans for Masterkarn Kennels in the future year 2010/2011. We will be using his semen to compliment out existing bloodlines and the German Pins c her in Australia.
Wins to date...
Willie is the only GP owner/handled to win a group 1 and only the second GP to win group 1 ever .
To see more about Willie's wins, see his individual page under our GP's.

Click on his picture to see more of him!

Pumpkin arrived at Masterkarn in 2008 from Melka kennels in NZ. as our third import from the same kennel as Atlas.
Her purpose was to be part of our breeding program for 2010 to compliment and set us on our projected breeding goals for type, temperament and structure.
This will be of huge benefit to Australian GP's and especially to our kennels.
Pumpkin has proven herself in the ring now we need her to prove she can improve on herself in the whelping box.
Wins to date...Res Challenge at 10 mths Adelaide Royal.
Res Challenge, Puppy of Breed and Puppy in show _The United Pinscher Club of Victoria Championship show (Specialty).
Atlas is the second Import from NZ to Masterkarn kennels in 2007 out of Melka kennels.  Atlas was imported for a his bloodlines a mixture of old and new. We also needed a good Blk/red dog for our breeding program. The lines in Australia had become fine and longer than in body than required, we felt this dog fit the bill for us.
He has produced several litters now and is showing himself to be an excellent stud dog by producing better than himself exactly what we want from him.
Wins to date... Multi BOB- All Breeds and BOB & Open in show -The United Pinscher Club of Victoria Specialty Championship show.
Multi class in group.
Atlas will now pursue his obedience training.
[ Ace is part of our breeding program and has been stored for our kennels in the future.
He was imported in conjuction with FirDragon kennels in Vic. from Melka kennels in NZ. Ace's mother arrived in Dam to Australia originally and was  bred in his own country by Vom Hause Zemp kennels. His semen is in storage now and will remain that way for some time. Ace titled easily as a New Zealand Champion by Andrea of Melka Kennels.
Bundy is our first import for the German Pinscher breed and was in partnership with Wilma of Elstenberg kennels in 1997. Bundy was an ill fated dog after his arrival. He produced two litters one of which produced only one damaged puppy (Kaitler litter), the other a successful litter of 10 out of an Elstenberg bitch and no damaged puppies. He was then placed into a Family care home who decided to desex him. Bundy's stud/career was over and it was a sad day for all of us.
Bundy produced the first bitch to win BEST IN SHOW in the UK. He made his mark on the Breed in his short time as a stud dog.
[ Ace has produced some of NZ and Australia's finer dogs. He is the Grand sire of our Atlas.
Eva is the third Import from NZ to Masterkarn kennels out of Melka kennels.  Eva was imported for a her type a mixture that compliments those we have already.

She has produced s litter in NZ now that are well on their way to the show ring this year.
Eva is black and tan and vWD clear.

Wins to date... Multi BOB- All Breeds . Junior in Group.
 Reserve in Group - all breeds.

photo at 2 years

Import 2011 - German Pinscher
 N.Z. Ch. Eva Gabor of Melka (Imp NZ)
Import 2013 - German Pinscher
 Aust. Ch. Daveren Mythic Legends at Masterkarn (Imp USA)

Odin is black and tan and vWD clear.

Wins to date...BOB Adelaide Royal 2014 and 2015, BOB Ekka 2016 and Reserve BOB 2018.

Photo at 3 yrs
Odin has sired 3 litters so far with progeny in Queensland. South Australia and New Zealand​

T​hank you to Jill Eastman of Daveren's kennel New Mexico USA​.

Import 2018 - German Pinscher
 Aust. Ch. Axis Pride of Melka (Imp NZ)
Import 2018 - German Pinscher
 Am. Ch. Temerity Invince-A-Bill (Imp USA)
Pride came from Melka Kennels NZ and is black and tan and vWD type 1 clear.

Wins to date...BOB Brisbane 2018.

Photo at 11 mths

Thank you to Andrea Tansey once again of Melka kennel in New Zealand.

Vinnie came from Temmerity Kennels USA and is Stag red and vWD type 1 clear.

Wins to date...Vinnie is about to commence his campaign in the show ring this year 2019.

Photo at 11 mths

Thank you to Amy and Todd Isslieb of Temmerity kennel in the USA.