Below are both National and International breeders.
Some are breeders we know personally or through our dogs. Others are International breeders of long standing.

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Andrea Tansey - Melka Kennels- New Zealand

Amy and Todd Isleib - Temerity German Pinschers -America

Karen Wakefield - Brintala German Pinschers and Dobermanns- UK

Linda Krukar - Dabney German Pinschers and Dobermanns - America

Gill Harding - Jewelwatch German Pinschers and Dobermanns - Australia

Brenda Turner - Milsky German Pinschers - Australia

Auli Haapiainen-Liikanen - Dogiwogin German Pinschers - Finland

Laura Mills of Legacy German Pinscher, America

Anja Nikkonen of Kennel 
Ceriinan German Pinschers, Finland

Jill Eastman - Daveren German Pinschers - America

Joanna Maard of 
Hickson Kennel, Sweden

Susanne Nilsson of 
Lilla Enebys Kennel, Sweden

Ksenia Volobueva of 
Bright Fox Kennels, Russia 

Christina Steffen - Dark Angels German Pinschers - Germany

Andbeker German Pinschers- Latvia

Tatiana Medvedeva - Legendorf Kennel- Russia

Raisa Sergeeva - Sanny Monkey - Russia 

KImberly Schiff - Oakwood German Pinschers - America

Cindy Ranson & Ben Pearce - Calvaxar Kennels -  UK

Joakim Falk - Conspirol Kennels - Sweden
Natalya Kurgan - Naleks Treasure kennel - Russia

Elisa Koivunen - Waldschatz kennel 
Eva Hundstad Whiquila - Norway