Quality show dogs!

Winning at shows! Our dogs are bred to win,  to do whatever is put in front of them and idealize their owners. Over 37 yrs of breeding, experience and using the best bloodlines available goes into every litter we plan. Show dogs are our goal and performance and family dogs come from that.

Quality is in that "LOOK" you see in a particular dog that exhibits breed type, that outstanding specimen that just grabs your attention AND meets the ideal of the breed standard.

Masterkarn Kennels is producing quality German Pinschers by introducing the top blood lines in the world known for stable temperament, good health and type into our breeding program.

There are Masterkarn dogs behind the pedigrees of the most awarded GP's in the world dating back over 28 years of breed history- Dogs in the UK, Canada, USA, Europe, Australia and Asia.

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