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Situated in Lockrose area, Queensland, Australia.

​​​​                 German Pinschers in a nutshell are curious, attentive dogs who are highly intelligent, loyal and affectionate hunting and guarding dogs. The other side of the coin is its personality as they are also tenacious, fearless, serious hunters and protective. Then they have its fun loving, clown of the dog world side to his  personality. Therefore they can be quite a challenge and need very good socialising and training from a young ages. Thinking outside the box on the owner's part to guide all these characteristics in the right direction and develop a happy successful member of the family is necessary to have a happy dog and household. A combination of positive, treat and force training is usually the ideal for this breed, being able to outsmart them is the key.


​​​Summing up our Ethics - Peggy Adamson says it all~~~ The real breeders are the heart and soul of the dog world. They stand proud and often alone, resisting commercialism, undeviating in their search for perfection and idealistic in their code of ethics.
​"Late Peggy Adamson, Damasyn Dobermann"


​​​Masterkarn kennels is registered with the ANKC, Dogs QLD (CCC (Q) and Dogs SA (SACA).

Members of the United Pinscher club of Vic.

Your dog...He is your responsibility, your unquestioning best friend.
You owe him - "Be worthy of such unconditional devotion".

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A registered Breeder of quality German Pinschers and Dobermanns for show, performance and companionship.

We fully support health/DNA testing.
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