German Pinschers & Dobermanns

Amazing, loving and so smart- that's our dogs!

Achieving world renown status, for outstanding dogs for over 37 years. QUALITY * TEMPERAMENT * TYPE * CONFORMATION * HEALTH & TRAINABILITY. Our litters are carefully considered to achieve "Excellence by Design". Some amazing plans in the pipeline! The future of German Pinschers at Masterkarn is very bright! Watch our News space!! or 0409493988 

 We have a lovely male pup available that, we consider has a potential show dog career.
Sire: MASTERKARN UR A DOG NAMED BOO (Currently being being campaigned towards his title )
Dam: Ch. AXIS PRIDE OF MELKA (IMP NZ) (Our NZ import produced 2 Champions in her first litter)

Winning at shows! Our dogs are bred to win, to do whatever is put in front of them and idolize their owners. Over 37 yrs of breeding, experience and using the best bloodlines available goes into every litter we plan. Show dogs are our goal and performance and family dogs come from those breeding's.

Achieving world renown status, for outstanding show dogs for over 37 years.

Breeding quality ANKC pedigreed GERMAN PINSCHERS and DOBERMANNS.
We are an Australian National Kennel Council registered Breeder under Dogs Qld. We fully support all breed health/DNA testing.

Masterkarn was established in 1984 originally with our Dobermanns and later GERMAN PINSCHERS (1989) for show, performance and companionship, achieving world renown status, for outstanding dogs foe over 37 years.
We are a founding breeder in the German Pinscher breed in 1989 in Australia - and the founding breeder in South Australia with this very old and exciting breed.

As preservation breeders, Masterkarn devotes all our time and huge outlay on importing new lines and promotions to see German Pinschers remain in the forefront as a breed in Australia since its beginning. Our dogs have achieved titles in many countries including producing Grand Champions from our exported dogs progeny, and also founded new kennels of German Pinschers and Dobermanns.

We are situated in Qld, Australia and all our dogs are raised as part of our family, in our home and outside which gives a lovely social and balanced puppy.


We show our dogs, but we are very aware all dogs must be lived with and this is our priority to create great family dogs as well as outstanding show/performance dogs. Our kennel was founded on Show, Obedience and Working dogs.

 Our website allows you to get to know us and our dogs. Read about our history, our breeding philosophy and our goals regarding our breeding of this wonderful breed. We breed Pinscher puppies usually twice a year, and you will need to reserve your pups from us, as we do book out very quickly. You can look up our BREEDING PLANS and puppies AVAILABLE here.  

Are you thinking of getting a German Pinscher or Dobermann puppy? Have you decided if you would like a family pet or perhaps a show dog? We are happy to answer all your questions and also have an about German Pinschers page on our website. This page will answer some of your more obvious questions like... How is a Pinscher with children? What is their activity levels and are they a family dog. Is it a healthy breed?

If you are interested in a show dog, please call or better still email us today!

We take a great deal of care and consideration, all our breeding is focused on quality in conformation, health and temperament.
On the pages ABOUT GERMAN PINSCHERS and PINSCHER's HEALTH, you will hopefully find answers to your questions on this page, if not please contact us.

Our children grew up with German Pinschers and Dobermanns as part of our family.
Our home would never be the same without them.

Please enjoy our pages.