About the Masterkarn Guardian Owner(s) breeding Program

GUARDIAN OWNER(s) program…
At Masterkarn kennels we feel that to succeed as preservation breeders and to properly develop the German Pinschers as a breed, it requires us to have a number of dogs in our breeding program to successfully develop our bloodlines. Rather than lots of kennel dogs we like our dogs to have caring attention in family homes, where they can enjoy the family and /or performance dog’s life.

We have found that the Guardian Owner(s) breeding program is the best way to accomplish this. This is a very unique program that allows our breeding dogs to live as much loved family pets able to all the family things like obedience, agility, walk on the beach or parks etc. with our locally selected families while participating in our Guardian Owner(s) breeding program.
We have the two colours in our Guardian Owner(s) dogs available, the stag red/red or the black and red colour. Obviously for us, colour is of less importance than the temperament, type and health of our breeding dogs, so for this reason Masterkarn kennels has a policy of listing what puppies/dogs we have selected for our Guardian Owner(s) breeding program and then match families with the selected dog.
Guardian owner(s) to pay the subsequent deposit and yearly eye health testing as the dog price, so in effect you get a dog for extremely reduced price of $500.00 and just pay for the yearly eye health testing as part of the contractual agreement instead of $4000.00 as the normal cost of a puppy. Masterkarn kennels will pay or already have completed the other health tests required by us. YOU DO NOT have to outlay any costs to complete HEALTH TESTING needed for us to initially  breed our Guardian home dogs. Yearly eye exams are a follow up exam over a life time.

Should the dog complete all health tests with passing grades for our Guardian owner(s) stud program. These may include the stud service, fuel and other costs. Our Guardian owner(s) will receive an inconvenience fee as stated in our agreement. 

The Guardian Owner(s) will not receive an inconvenience fee if another Breeder(s) is interested in using the Guardian Owner(s) dog under this agreement at stud. The Breeder(s) will facilitate this service at their home. The Guardian Owner(s) instead will have 50% of the remaining stud fee after the costs of the service are taken out and repaid to the Breeder(s). The costs are related to fuel, food, AI, Progesterone and other fees are taken out prior to the stud fee division of 50/50 between the Guardian Owner(s) and the Breeder(s) after the resulting litter is sold.

The future of our breeding program is not just with the Stud dogs, females are vitally important also, but often breeders need to wait to an age appropriate time to use them at stud or breed them. These young male and females are between 6 months and 4 years of age, trained and socialized and need to be made available on occasional times for shows or at any time required by us for breeding. Guardian Owner(s) must live within 2.5 hours drive of Masterkarn kennels for us to have the dog available. The dog is placed free, to compensate the owner for the effort of keeping an intact male or female and consistently doing the yearly eye examinations.  The dog/bitch is also required to be shown at specialty or major All breeds shows especially including Royal shows.
Following you will find several of the common questions answered about our Guardian Owner(s) breeding program but please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions, or if you would like to express interest in joining our Guardian Owner(s) breeding Program.
For a sample copy of our Guardian Owner(s) contract Agreement please contact us.


What is the Masterkarn Guardian Owner(s) breeding Program?

Masterkarn selects and places our "pick show or breeding potential dog" puppies in our Guardian Owner(s) breeding program. Once the dog is placed in a Guardian Owner(s) breeding program, they stay with that primary owner for their entire life, provided the Guardian Owner(s) follow our contractual requirements - which we feel are very reasonable. Our Guardian Owner(s) breeding program allows our families an opportunity to have a stunning pedigreed German Pinscher from the world’s best lines we have, as their family pet!

What happens in the first 12 months of the Guardian Owner Program?
If you take a dog or young adolescent in for the Guardian owner(s) breeding Program the first 12- 18 months are fairly basic. You will pick the Guardian owner(s) dog up from us and the dog will live with you until their first season (heat cycle). In the German Pinschers, we expect the first season to arrive between 6-12 months of age, on some rare occasions we will have one that starts between 9-12 months of age or even 12-18 months but this is not common. Upon the start of their first season you will contact us directly; if you do not have a suitably safe location for them during their season you will need to bring the dog to Masterkarn to stay protected with us during their season, this is to ensure that no unwanted boys come to call. The first season is usually between 14-21 days (2-3 weeks) depending on the maturity and ovulation cycle of your dog. We do not breed any dogs less than 18 months of age so once their season is done we then contact you to come and collect your the dog. You can then expect that the dog will come into season about 6-9 months from the start of their last season. Seasons in the German Pinschers and Dobermanns, traditionally every 6-9 months but can range 4 months up to 9 months between cycles.

During their first years sometime around 12 - 24 months of age, we will request the dog to come and have a photo session done, usually we try and coincide this with an already planned visit, like when they are brought for their major health testing.
At 12 - 18 months of age we require you to bring your the dog to Masterkarn kennels for assessment for the breeding program. If we decide not to breed with them we will then ask you to de-sex them and we will transfer the pedigree over to the Family.
If we do access them and wish to proceed, you will then pay for a range of health testing to be done. Once we get the results from all testing done, we then make a second assessment for the consideration of adding the dog into the breeding program. If we do not add the dog into the program, we will then thankyou and ask you to de-sex them within 90 days and we will transfer ownership to your Family once done. This is our way of being able to keep the best males & females from each litter and then have the ability to only select the best of the best to continue on with the breed's development.

What happens after the Guardian owner(s) dog is 18 months old and has had their testing and final assessments completed for addition to the breeding program?

If we do add the dog to our Guardian owner(s) breeding Program we will require you to bring the Guardian owner(s) dog to us at the start of every season that we plan to breed. During the off seasons (any we so choose not to breed during you may keep and house her with you). If you have a suitably safe location for them during their season to ensure protection against unwanted mating’s you can keep your dog at home, if it is deemed that the location is not secure they will need to come back to Masterkarn where we can protect them from unwanted attention. Please note we do not necessarily mate our Guardian owner(s) breeding program dogs every second season. After each season they spend with us (if needed) the dog returns home with you. If we have mated them while here, they will go back home with you during their gestation with strict diet and we will then give you details as to when they need to return to have their litter.
We require that all pregnant Guardian owner(s) breeding program Dogs to return to us 3 weeks prior to their due date. This ensures them time to settle in and start nesting in preparation for the birth. Once the puppies are born and Mum is settled in, her Guardian owner(s) breeding program family is welcome to come and visit her and the new babies from a distance while she is with us but not to touch them.
Once the puppies are weaned sometime between 5-6 weeks of age the Guardian owner(s) dog is then ready to go back home with her/his family. By this time the Mum is usually more than ready to have the puppies weaned and go back to her family as the puppies usually have their teeth in by 4 weeks of age!
For the Males Masterkarn requires him to be returned to us (with appropriate notice if possible) for any mating we plan for them. They will stay with us for up to 4-7 days at which time He can then go home again, until next time Masterkarn kennels requires him.

What initial costs am I looking to incur when applying for a Guardian Owner(s) Dog?
We do not give our Guardian owner(s) program dogs away totally for free. The fee is a security deposit of $500.00 and to have the health testing fees approx. $100 once a year for eye tests as the price for the dog (something most people like to know).
Regardless of the age of the Guardian owner(s) dog, we require Guardian owner(s) programs to pay the subsequent eye health testing as the dog price, so in effect you get a dog for extremely reduced price of $500.00 and just pay for the yearly eye health testing as part of the contractual agreement instead of $4,000.00 as the normal cost of a puppy.

What are the advantages to the dog in the Guardian Owner(s) program?
Our Guardian Owner(s) program girls and boys are able to live in a family pet home environment rather than a kennel situation. Once they are retired from breeding and de-sexed they don't need to be placed in a new home at an age when it could be more difficult for adjustment as she/he is already in her permanent home! You gain a puppy or young adult that is your dog from the day you take it home, just like your family dog you always wanted.
Guardian owner(s) pay $500 deposit and a yearly eye health testing as the dog price, so in effect you get a dog for extremely reduced price of $500 instead of $4000.00 as the normal cost of a puppy. Masterkarn kennels will pay or already have completed the other health tests required by us. YOU DO NOT have to out lay any costs to complete HEALTH TESTING needed for us to breed our GUARDIAN home dogs.

What are the benefits of being a Guardian Owner(s) program?
You are getting the best that Masterkarn has to offer in the German Pinschers or Dobermanns, as long as the dog is continued to be cared for as required. This means that in the litter the dog that possess the best qualities as outlined in our breed standard not only for type, conformation, colour and movement, but also for temperament, soundness and compatibility is selected for this program.

If assessed for addition to our breeding program, you get a fully health tested dog that will give you peace of mind. You get a top-quality Dobermann or German Pinscher, for less than quarter of the going pet price with inclusive of yearly eye testing.
You become part of the Masterkarn Guardian Owner(s) breeding program, where the future development of the breed worldwide is ensured for future generations to enjoy. You enjoy being part of the breeding program and seeing your girl's and boys puppies go across Australia and around the world.

You may fall in love with the puppies and end up becoming a 2+ dog household!
All our Guardian owner(s) programs have the first right to purchase a pet dog, with notice, or have first right, if the dog is assessed as breeding quality, to taking on that the dog from their female/male as a second Guardian owner(s) dog in the program.

Possibly even start showing her/him yourself for fun!

What is the Guardian owner(s) programs' responsibilities?
Even though you are only paying eye health testing as a deposit on your Guardian owner(s) dog we require that you take top notch care of them. This means, including but not limited to: a high quality diet as outlined by us, routine veterinary care, 3 yearly vaccinations, worming and flea treatments as outlined by us, the dog and obedience training, love, exercise, care and attention, etc.. These are our babies that we place with you and we want to be assured that they will become your baby.
This involves the dog continuing a show minimal career at special shows, including major all-breed shows (including interstate and Royal shows) and Specialty shows and then to be bred with before retirement.
You must be willing to keep the female or male entire and live in Qld within reasonable driving distance of about 2.5 hours from us. Be willing to take the Guardian owner(s) dog to all appointments arranged by us as per agreement. Contact us for more info on our Guardian owner(s) breeding program.

Availability and Guardian Owner(s) responsibility...
You will be responsible for loving them, walking them, grooming them, making sure they have a good diet, vet check-ups and a safe place to sleep and play, while they participate in their Guardian owner(s) breeding/show dog program just as you would your family dog. Collecting their health tests and making them available for stud use as part of the contract agreement.
The program is only available to families and individuals who live within a 2.5-hour drive of Masterkarn kennels (Fernvale or Ipswich, QLD). You must have a safe and secure environment for a Guardian owner(s) dog to ensure their safety and health.
We ask that you assess your life style, reliable transportation and permanency in the area to ensure that you are able to meet the requirements of caring for a pet and meeting the requirements of the Family home care program agreement.
We prefer families with previous dog ownership experience, but are happy to work closely with families and individuals who are new to dog ownership. Our Guardian owner (s) breeding program dogs are to be kept as House dogs, outside time while the Guardian owner (s) is at work etc. s acceptable but when the Guardian owner (s) is home the dog needs to be inside with Guardian owner (s).
If you have another dog, provided it is NOT an entire male, it is still an option to be in a Masterkarn's Guardian owner(s) program.
At 6 months  The full breed DNA is collected and sent to Orivet for a certified result.. Most times this dog has already had the DNA collected prior to the dog placed up for the Guardian owner(s) breeding program.

18 months - 2 years: You agree to take your dog to a certification eye exam and heart exam and Hip/Elbow x-ray and scoring (arranged by Masterkarn kennels) which must be passed to certify fit for breeding under our quality assurance standards and to keep the breed healthy. A photo session would be expected at this time, if the dog passes all DNA, eye and heart health tests and Hip/Elbow scored test, the dog will be continued into the breeding program.

2 years Should the dog be eligible for stud program and there is interest in him being used at stud the Guardian owner(s) will bring him to Masterkarn kennels for all stud services. A collection of semen will be done by Masterkarn kennels at no cost to the Guardian owner(s) sometime prior to the retirement of the dog, but generally around 2 years old once health testing and viability of on the semen is completed and a passing grade accepted. An inconvenience fee as set out in the agreement is deemed reasonable for travelling expenses for stud services, delivery and pick up of bitches only

2 years You agree to have yearly eye exams until the dog is 10 years old.

Once a female comes into season, we may require your male German Pinscher to visit Masterkarn kennels for breeding. This takes 7 to 14 days depending on female’s ovulation. Male can be used several times a year.


How Many litters will my Guardian Owner female dog be required to produce?
We do not put out very many female Guardian owner(s) pups due the more complicated process. Females are required to have the same health screening as the males at the same age grouping and must be cleared for breeding prior to mating. When she is over 18 months old and in season, she will be required to visit Masterkarn kennels to be bred, it takes 7 to 14 days depending on her ovulation from the day you first sight blood (so 3-4 consecutive days she will be with us). We can give you advice on how to check for your female’s season. Once she has been bred she will be returned to Masterkarn to whelp her puppies from 3 weeks prior to her whelping date for her to become familiar with us, as she will be in our home during her whelping and the dog raising time, just like she would in yours. Your family can visit once the pups are over 4 weeks old and we are sure she is settled.

We require between 2-3 litters for females or 6-10 years for males from our Guardian owner(s) program dogs once they are in the Guardian owner(s) breeding program. Each dog is individually assessed prior to entering the Guardian owner(s) program to determine the required litters. Masterkarn takes the health and wellbeing of all our breeding dogs as a priority, and based on our vets assessments we will only breed our Guardian owner(s) dogs if they are in optimum condition for each litter.
Masterkarn would require the dogs to be bathed for any show and given to Masterkarn the night before the show to be shown. The dog would be returned home on the last day of showing over the weekend. Or if you would like to watch your dog in the show ring at special shows like major all breeds, specialty or Royal shows you might like to meet us at the show and bring the dog with you. Occasionally the dog may be required to go to a Specialty or Royal show in another state and will be returned to you at the end of that show period.

Contract release or early release…

If we have accomplished our goals in development from one of our Guardian owner(s) dogs we may decide to retire them early. We have on a number of occasions early retired our Guardian owner(s) girls prior to completing the required litter numbers. BUT it is only Masterkarn's right to make that decision and ask for a dog/bitch to be de-sexed and retire early the Sponsor home care program dog. Once your Guardian owner(s) program dog is retired from the breeding Program and de-sexed, they remain your family pet. Dobermanns and German Pinschers, have a life expectancy of about 9-16 years.
On average, our breeding dogs are de-sexed and retire around the age of 9- 10 years for males, with females producing no more than a maximum of three litters during her breeding career. Once a dog is retired, they have no further obligation to the Masterkarn breeding program and they live out their lives of leisure with you as normal.

Who covers the cost of breeding and any medical costs related to breeding?
Any medical costs resulting in or related to breeding (eg a caesarean) and any stud fee costs (Eg Artificial Insemination) required to produce the litter are Masterkarn kennel's sole financial responsibility. Our Guardian Owner(s) are only responsible for routine maintenance and medical care, such as, but not limited to, feeding, annual vaccinations, worming, heart worming and Advocate treatments, just as they would if they had a de-sexed pet. Additional vet visits regarding health tests is also the Guardian Owner(s) responsibility to make it to the designated appointments and limited to Masterkarn kennels required breed expected health tests only.

We hope this will give you some realistic and full disclosure information about our Guardian Owner(s) program for German Pinschers and Dobermanns.
If you would like to talk to us please email or phone for more information
For a sample copy of our Guardian Owner(s) Agreement please contact us- masterkarn.knls@gmail.com

Our first Guardian owner(s) home commenced in 1990 with a Dobermann. Since then we have had great success with our program and so many happy families have enjoyed their dogs for life.

Gracie (below) was one of our early Guardian owner(s) puppies. She is now retired and still with her first family home. Her show babies are champions with pups of their own. She produced three Champions from her first litter and her son went to America to the well-known Daveren kennels. Some of his progeny became Grand Champions.

Generations of German Pinschers and Dobermanns have been produced due to this program.

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