Historically we have produced top winning dogs that turn into Champions and Grand Champions.

Our buyers Guide -What to expect from us when buying a Puppy

Our Step by step guide from receiving your application, from selection of the Sire and Dam, from planning the pedigree to whelping/breeding, until puppy pick up at 8- 12 weeks old. Showing access to our selected Dam and Sire on our website under Breeding plans page.

We are preservation breeders and everything we do from importing dogs to add to our bloodlines, is with the German Pinscher long term breed quality in mind. All required breed health testing is done as standard practice once the dogs are considered breeding age and prior to selection of the parents. All our breeding stock is health tested for breed health average, before consideration into our breeding program.
If you have one of our latest litters, you can check the progress of your puppy with photos here - Litter progress- Owners keeping in touch.

Once the application is sent to us, we keep you on our list. We then notify you who the carefully planned parents of your puppy are. You can check them out on our website under Breeding plans.

Females come into season usually on a 6 monthly cycle. We will notify you at the time of mating the Dam via Email that this has occurred, if you are on our waiting list for a puppy. We will also have an approximate due date of whelping. Due dates can be any time from 58-63 days after the first mating.

At 4-5 weeks our vet will confirm the pregnancy by an Ultrasound. There is an approximated count of pups at this time. A deposit is also required at this time, if we do not have one already. See our Breeding plans page.

WHELPING Date and delivery.
Once whelping is complete, we will notify all puppy buyers, that we have puppies, their sex and colours.
We also post new born photos to our puppy group on FB. Masterkarn dog family group.
All babies at birth are weighed, with time of birth recorded in our litter book and a coloured ribbon for identification of each individual pup, that helps us to monitor the puppies by sight. You will see the details on the Litter Progress- New Owners keeping in touch on the What's available web page.

A complete listing of all pups produced, along with weights, sex and colour ribbon/collars is announced on social media and under Litter  Progress- New Owners keeping in touch on our Website. We now start the PHOTOS and VIDEOS, from the first days until they leave us at 8-12 weeks! Puppy buyers are advised of potential success of a puppy, from this litter.

Worming  is done every 2 weeks. Starting at 2, 4, 6, 8 WEEKS. Worms are detrimental to a puppies well being and stop them thriving.

Photos and updates from whelping to 8 weeks will be updated consistently on our FB group.
Every week, we update on our puppy owners FB group and web page with photos and the growing stages of personality development and size.. Videos will be uploaded to our YouTube channel.

Puppies start their solid food made with a special natural blend mixed with goats milk blended into a puppy soft balanced meal that wont upset their delicate stomachs'. They will stay suckling from their dam for a few weeks until she weans them.

Taken under advisement - we have the understanding that Microchips can be done, but some Vets consider that it can significantly prejudice their future health outcomes. So we will not be pursuing this avenue, just to speed up litter registration.

Puppy health check ups are done at 6 weeks, for heart, testes and general well being. Every puppy is given a microchip, vaccine and DNA collection is taken at the same time.

We will contact you to ensure all required contracts are returned signed and any balance of payment along with flight costs can be finalized also. Once we have the DNA results returned after a wait of approx. 3 weeks, we then send in the DNA and litter registration details to DOGS QLD. This will take a few weeks for the pedigrees to be returned to us. We then post them out to you, the puppy buyer.

Pups leave to their new homes from 8 weeks, and can be picked up from us on a specified date and time.
Those flying out with Virgin can fly with a fit to fly certificate from the the vets at 8 WEEKS. Any puppies flying out through regional or Quanta's airlines, will need to stay until 12 WEEKS of age, and have a fit to fly certificate issued, signed by our Vet.
We have shipped to every state in Australia- this is on an agreed date with all pups leaving the same day for convenience and to limit the airport trips. Dates to be advised at the time.


If you are interested in a puppy from us please think about your purchase...

• Can you provide a good and lasting home?

• You understand what the breed is regarding temperament and hunting/prey drive?

• Do you have commitment and time for the dog and it's training?

• You must understand that puppies and young dogs are time consuming during all growth and life cycles?

• You must ensure that children are not allowed to handle your dog in anyway that is not suitable for a puppies well being, A puppy/dog is not a toy, ever.

Please understand that this breed is NOT a Dobermann in any way.

At purchase you will receive...

  • ANKC Pedigree / Registration certificate from Dogs QLD
  • Your purchase agreement
  • A socialised puppy 
  • Vaccinated
  • Microchipped
  • Show pups are DNA tested for parentage
  • Parents are tested for health.
  • Masterkarn compiled booklet including vaccination reactions
  • Lifelong support from us
  • Blanket that the puppy had during his upbringing. (We try to send them with the puppies in the crate, if the airlines allow it).

Masterkarn Puppy info

Breeder socialised and raised: Puppies raised Masterkarn's way have increased learning ability, with better retention, and appear more stable, less fearful, and better able to cope with and recover from frightening or stressful situations/things.

Scientific Studies have shown that Enrichment Effects (like Masterkarn socialization) actually cause animals to grow up with a more loyal relationship with humans and socially accept other dogs better. We ask you to continue that socialization once home with you. Please read your booklets we have compiled for you.

ANKC Registered: Individually ANKC registered name beginning with the Masterkarn prefix and pet name that is chosen by the buyer. We do have Litter Themes (such as Stars, Bands, Hearts, etc) in our pedigree names.

The registration will be sent in as soon as your puppies DNA has been returned to Dogs QLD to have the puppies registered.

Vaccinations: Puppies are given Parvo, Hepatitis and Distemper vaccinations (C3) before they leave our home. If a puppy stays longer than the age of twelve weeks, we will give them a follow up vaccination before leaving also.

If your puppy is being shipped, shipping is the buyer’s responsibility and we do not pay for any expenses relating to costs. We arrange the shipping for you. We do need all puppies to leave the same day so this is often easier for us to arrange and limits our trips to the airport..

Health Warranty. We offer a 12 month Guarantee against any life threatening genetic defects that will be fatal to the puppy. You will receive an original of our contract, pre-signed, for your records. You need to keep a copy as well, and require that you sign this in person and return it to us snail mail or via email if you have an electronic signature (or send via snail mail ahead of time).

Microchip Implants and Pedigree registration: 

All puppies are micro chipped and registered with the ANKC before they leave our home. We are put on as an alternative contact in case, for some reason, you cannot be contacted. We will be an alternative to ensure your puppy is safe and happy until she or he can be returned safely to you if we are able to collect the dog. PLEASE remember to change ownership to your name! Otherwise they will be looking for us to claim the puppy/dog is lost and often we are in another state.

Health Tested Parents: All of the dogs residing at Masterkarn kennels will be health tested as per breed needs before breeding. Our puppies are given the best chance at being healthy as their parents are fully health tested for Hips/Elbows, and a DNA breed health profile.

Puppy Blanket: We offer a baby blanket [roughly a foot squared] for all puppies. This blanket will be placed in with mum and siblings (around 8 weeks) until they leave us. The smell of the blanket will be scented with mum and siblings. This helps because your new home is new and different and the smell of the blanket is familiar, making the transition from our home to yours much easier!

100% Support: You will receive lifetime support when you purchase a puppy from us. Whether its Email, Phone, Facebook, etc., we are here for you and your dog! If you are close enough, we also offer support in person. We want everyone to know that the relationship does not end once you take your puppy home. We enjoy updates in any form, but especially photos once a year at birthdays.

We have a Private Facebook Group for all of our "Masterkarn" Puppy Buyers to join to upload great pictures and antics of your dogs. The group also has many other owners there with older dogs that can offer advice on how they sorted out issues with pups. This group is there to show my dedication to you for education, help, support, and guidance. The group is Private so that ONLY members can see/comment in the group so people don’t have to worry about sharing pictures, experiences, etc.! Our FB group is called https://www.facebook.com/groups/masterkarndogowners

Crate Training: All Puppies have started crate training to a small degree. Majority will be eager and willing to enter the crate and enjoy the time they have in there as they have been in the crate for about 2 weeks prior to leaving us. Most will not cry when placed in the crate. We do recommend placing a Raw Meaty Bone (RMB) in with the puppy to keep them busy and ensure they do not dislike their crate. I have a crate training article in your puppy folder.

House Training: Your puppy will be started on his/her way to house training. We start young by introducing a toilet area (puppy litter box) in the puppy pen at 3 weeks of age, to help with the process of house training. Once the puppies are old enough, we take them outside to toilet and to learn the proper place to toilet. We work tirelessly, so that the transition for your puppy is the least stressful for both you and your puppy. Remember puppies cannot hold their bladder until around 16 weeks so you will need to be alert to their signs they need to go outside.

Educational Help: We also like to offer loads of educational reading materials (most will be in your booklet we provide) and information to help you with the raising of your puppy in your puppy folder. We offer a special information folder created by Masterkarn kennels with help for training and basic health care information. The same folder is given for those purchasing show puppies with additional information specific to showing dogs, so that you are better able to learn how to show and present their dog appropriately.

Friendship: And of course you get to have a new friendship for life with other owners and us. We are there for you when you need us and are always here to offer a helping hand. By buying a puppy from us, you get to become a part of our extended family and are able to stay within the Masterkarn Family for as long or as little as you choose. ;)

We look forward to adding you to our "family" and hope you enjoy our puppies as much as we do!

You will need to reserve your puppy, as we are often booked out early due to the rarity of this breed.

See our Currently available dog page for puppies, Guardian owner homes, Adult rehome dogs  or Breeding plans for upcoming litters, if something older would not suit you..

Our GP's

Our GP's are Australian (see Females, Stud dogs and Males) and Imported lines, carefully bred for health, structure and temperament. Suited for performance, family and show dogs. Click here for About German Pinschers. Read about German Pinscher Health.

Show dogs from us do very well in the show ring winning, classes, BIG and in show wins.

Historically we have produced top winning dogs producing many Champions and our show pups can be shipped internationally.

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