Masterkarn kennels news updates!
Puppies arriving in May/June - Applications close soon!

* Our two imports news is our Italian girl Chi Chi has arrived and Ransom our young Swedish boy arrived in early 2024! * See our Currently available and future litters pages...

Two imports arrived! We choose to import actual dogs, therefore we see the temperament and conformation in the flesh, without concerns for touched up photos or incorrect temperaments bought into our breeding program and our country.

Chi Chi and Ace will be our next litter planned. Correct German Pinschers bring about correct beautiful puppies and show potential babies.

Please contact me if you have any inquiries or questions about this litter.

Connies litter will be bred in June/July. We will be taking orders for red pups for this litter anytime.

See our Dogs available or Future litters page 


When we decide to Import...
In our commitment to maintaining top-notch standards in our breeding program, we've set a solid policy on importing dogs. Our focus is on getting live dogs rather than relying solely on genetic material like semen.

This hands-on approach is all about directly assessing the temperament and conformation of the dogs in person. Choosing live imports helps us sidestep potential issues tied to edited photos or misrepresented temperaments, and it's been a key part of our practices from the get-go.

This approach becomes especially important when you think about the risks tied to relying only on semen. There's a real worry that temperament issues or significant conformation problems might only show up after using the genetic material.

By going for live imports, we actively manage these risks and get a solid understanding of the dogs we bring into our breeding program. This hands-on method ensures transparency, cuts down on uncertainties, and lets us make informed choices that positively impact the long-term success and integrity of our breeding efforts.

Dedicated to continually improving our breed through careful, long-term breeding, we're always aware of the risks tied to introducing new lines in Australia. We approach each addition with consideration, keeping a keen eye on what it brings to the table. This awareness is woven into our breeding process, with careful thought given to our existing lines and how new ones can complement and enhance our breeding efforts.