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Wednesday, 14 June 2023


Masterkarn Kennels the BREEDER(S), also known as Anita and John Fryer, has established this MAINS REGISTER AGREEMENT to allow potential breeding dogs to live their lives as beloved companions in excellent SHOW DOG OWNERS or MAINS REGISTER AGREEMENT while still remaining available for breeding to preserve the limited gene pool of the German Pinscher. Masterkarn Kennels- BREEDER(s) makes an effort to keep a limited number of breeding dogs in her home in order to give all of the resident dogs’ top-notch attention and care. This MAINS REGISTER AGREEMENT allows the said dog to be kept in the gene pool at the BREEDERS discretion and also allows the dog to live out his/her life as a loved and pampered companion dog in the MAINS REGISTER OWNER(S) home. The MAINS REGISTER OWNER(S) home gets to have the physical ownership and companionship of a purebred German Pinscher. This contract agreement between the breeder & MAINS REGISTER OWNER(S) is mutually beneficial and gives the dog a great life as a companion while still allowing him/her to contribute to the gene pool & the MAINS REGISTER OWNER(S) breeding program while showing the dog to its Championship title.

This contract, of six pages, is a legal & binding agreement between the MAINS REGISTER OWNER(S) named below, and the BREEDER named below. The dog to be placed in the MAINS REGISTER OWNER(S) is also outlined below. This contract will remain in effect until such time as it has been fulfilled or terminated by written agreement from both parties.

Both Parties, SHOW DOG OWNERS, BREEDER & MAINS REGISTER OWNER(S), as outlined below agree with all terms outlined in this entire document. (Terms above and below)





NAME(S): __________________________________________________________________

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CITY, STATE, POSTCODE: _____________________________________________________________

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CURRENT CALL NAME: ________ANKC REGISTERED NAME: _____________________________


1) The MAINS REGISTER OWNER(S) will have primary physical ownership of the said dog & will maintain him/her as his/her beloved companion dog. The said dog will live with the MAINS REGISTER OWNER(S) as a pet in his/her home for the life of the dog or until a family home is found once their career is completed. The MAINS REGISTER OWNER(S) agree to be fully liable for the said dogs’ behavior, training and care while the dog is in their possession.

2) The MAINS REGISTER OWNER(S) is (are) physically & financially responsible for all of the said dogs living expenses & care. Living expenses & care include but are not limited to pet supplies, socialization, training, regular exercise, grooming, feeding, routine veterinary care & emergency veterinary care.

3) The MAINS REGISTER OWNER(S) agree to follow the vaccine protocol supplied by the BREEDER during the reproductive life of the dog. Vaccines will be administered every 3 years (NOT yearly unless it is a requirement of local laws or your vet) and agree to a yearly eye exam at cost to the MAINS REGISTER OWNER(S) until the dog is 9 years old and certification given to the BREEDER every year.

5) The MAINS REGISTER OWNER(S) agree to keep the said dog safely contained in an appropriately fenced yard or on leash while on walks. The dog will not be allowed to roam or run free. The MAINS REGISTER OWNER(S) understand if the said dog is male then it is likely he will not get along well with other male dogs and all precautions will be taken to avoid an altercation. If at any point in the dog’s life the GUARDIAN(S) are unable to safely contain the dog then he/she will be returned to the BREEDER.

6) The MAINS REGISTER OWNER(S) would be required that the dogs are to be bathed, nail clipped and groomed for the show ring for any show. Grooming is bathing, nails clipped, whiskers trimmed but not limited to said grooming. The dog is to represent Masterkarn kennels in its best light at all times it is shown. The dog would be shown but not limited to the weekday or a weekend. The dog will be shown by the MAINS REGISTER OWNER(S) at special shows like major all breeds, specialty or Royal shows as possible. The MAINS REGISTER OWNER(S) agree that a Dog purchased from Masterkarn Kennels as a show potential dog will be shown and promoted either by the purchaser or an agent for the purchaser at minimum to gain the title of Australian Champion, but not to stop being shown until it is deemed unfit for the show ring, breeding, or aged over 7 years by Masterkarn kennels in writing. The owner will show and actively promote in both the show ring and on media, social or otherwise, while this dog is deemed fit for the purpose by J & A Fryer known as Masterkarn kennels. If the Seller (Masterkarn kennels) deem the animal no longer suited to the show ring or breeding, then the dog will not be shown, nor bred and this will be given in writing.

 7). In the case of a LIMITED REISTERED dog that has been transferred to MAIN REGISTERED dog the MAIN REGISTERED OWNER (S) must show the dog at Masterkarn kennels discretion. Grooming is as said in clause 6, for showing the dog. 

8) The MAINS REGISTER OWNER(S) will notify BREEDER immediately with any health concerns, illnesses, accidents, etc. of the said dog.

9) The MAINS REGISTER OWNER(S) agree(s) to make the said male dog readily available to the BREEDER for breeding and/or semen collection at the BREEDER(S) cost. A stud fee will be paid by the BREEDERS for use of the MAINS REGISTER OWNER(S) dog or bitch for a natural service only. The MAINS REGISTER OWNER(S) will retain ANKC registration ownership & breeding rights on the said dog/bitch. All mating’s and semen collection will be at the BREEDER’S consulted discretion. Any breeding’s or intended breeding of the MAINS REGISTER OWNER(S) must notify the BREEDER(S).

10). The MAINS REGISTER OWNER(S) agrees to whelp the puppies in their home and pay for ALL EXPENSES involved with any litter and care of the bitch while in their possession.

11) The cost of breed specific health screening related to breeding will be paid for by the MAINS REGISTER OWNER(S). The testing includes but is not limited to: Hip X-ray, all Eye examinations, echocardiogram or yearly heart exam by a cardiologist, breed full available DNA. The MAINS REGISTER OWNER(S) will send a copy of all certified results to the BREEDER(S) for their records. This must be done prior to breeding the dog/bitch.

12) See other conditions of sale.

13) The MAINS REGISTER OWNER(S) agree to safeguard the said dog from all potential mating’s other than those approved by the BREEDER in conjunction with the MAINS REGISTER OWNER(S).

14) The BREEDER agrees to sign over ANKC registration/ownership to the MAINS REGISTER OWNER(S) once the said dog is paid for and the contract agreement is signed following the terms outlined in this contract.

15) If at any point in time the MAINS REGISTER OWNER(S) are unable or not willing to house the said dog then the dog will be returned to the BREEDER, unless over 4 years old and the MAINS REGISTER OWNER(S) will rehome the dog with an option for the BREEDER(S) to take the dog. This remains in effect for the life of the dog.

16) The BREEDER and the MAINS REGISTER OWNER(S) will do their best to promptly respond to all communication, but both will be given 21 days to respond to all spay/neuter/rehoming requests before any action takes place. Five contact attempts are to be made by a combination of email & phone contact.

17) The MAINS REGISTER OWNER(S) understand the said dog is of huge value to the German Pinscher gene pool, to the breeders breeding program, and has a significant monetary value. The MAINS REGISTER OWNER(S) enter this agreement with the understanding that safe guarding this dog is of great importance & great trust is being placed in them for the care of the dog.

18) If terms as outlined in this agreement are violated then the physical ownership of the said dog will revert back to the BREEDER and the MAINS REGISTER OWNER(S) agree to return the dog within 10 days of the request.

19)  MAINS REGISTER OWNER(S) understand whilst every conceivable effort is made to ensure the best quality standards in the breeding and raising of this dog, the BREEDER(S) do not warrant the dog to be suitable as a pet, working dog, show dog or breeding prospect, any advice or opinion which may be offered with respect to the suitability of a particular animal for a specified purpose is offered without any assumption of liability on the part of the seller and is accepted or rejected by the Purchaser/owner entirely at his own risk.

20) The MAINS REGISTER OWNER(S) will pay the BREEDER a $4,500.00 payment for the potential MAINS REGISTER OWNER(S) intended dog immediately prior to collecting the MAINS REGISTER OWNER(S) dog.

21). The BREEDER warrants as follows: The BREEDER warrants to provide a replacement puppy, should the MAINS REGISTER OWNER(S) opt to keep the original puppy in the event that the puppy is certified by a vet to suffer from any of the following (prior to the age of 18 months).

  • Hip dysplasia and or elbow dysplasia that has a score that renders the dog unsuitable for stud or breeding at Masterkarn kennels discretion. (1.1.1).
  • Affected with Degenerative Myelopathy
  • Affected with VWD Type 1 (1.1.5)
  • Heart murmurs discovered at 6-12 weeks

22). The BREEDER(S) has gone to great care and expense to provide a healthy and socialised puppy at the age of departure.

23). The BREEDER warrants this puppy comes from breed DNA health tested parents and is clear of VWD (von Willebrand’s Disease (German Pinschers only) DNA or by parentage. The Warranty provide in clause (1.1.) will apply for 18 months from date of birth.

24) All MAINS REGISTER OWNER (S) new to the sport of showing and/or breeding dogs will also have the pedigree remain in both names of the MAINS REGISTER and the BREEDER(S) until such time the BREEDER(S) agree to transfer the pedigree to the new owner after a period of settling and showing the dog.

25). The warranty provided in clause 1.1 will not apply: -

    a). To a puppy which has been allowed to run free with older dogs, climbs stairs or similar in the first 12 months of its life: and/or not been provided with quality diet or housing.

26) The BREEDER warrants puppies are vet checked at the 6-8-week age group; no responsibility will be taken for any dog that after 8 weeks old suffers from a congenital defect or a rare defect in the dog.

27). The BREEDER warrants that no responsibility is taken for a puppy that requires veterinarian treatment after 48 hours of leaving Masterkarn Kennels.

28). Violation of the spay/neuter portion of this contract could result in the MAINS REGISTER OWNER(S) also being responsible for monetary compensation to the BREEDER. The MAINS REGISTER OWNER(S) agree(s) that the said dog has a significant monetary value & loss of his/her breeding ability, whether intentionally through spay/neuter or through negligence, would be cause for monetary compensation to the breeder. The exact amount of compensation would depend on the violation and would be determined in a court of law or through legal arbitration. A monetary figure of $10,000 minimum is sought.

29) Other conditions of sale


The BREEDER-Masterkarn Kennels will enforce any breach of this contract agreement. Any and all suits for the breech of, or enforcement of this contract will be brought in the county of IPSWICH in the state of QUEENSLAND and the laws of the state of QUEENSLAND shall apply.

The BREEDER and the MAINS REGISTER OWNER (S) have thoroughly read, fully understand and agree to abide by this contract of 6 (Six) pages. By signing below both parties agree to all terms listed above and agree that this contract is a binding legal contract.

Anita Fryer                                                               John Fryer




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